Monday, 20 October 2014

NECROMUNDA - Challenge completed! The Results and a Bonus

-- The Results --

So, it's over...

With ClockworkOrange's "The Bridge" at the top spot, closely followed by Gorkamunda's "The Gauntlet", my entry "The Hatch" was voted for the third place. I can hardly tell what a great challenge that was and I'm very happy with the results! Some tough choices had to be made, all of the entries were just stunning! Thanks to all involved and everyone supporting. Especially to djmothra and Malo from YakTribe Gaming.

Thanks for making this happen!

-- Bonus Round --

I gave myself a little break, but I've managed to get this "small guy" finished:

The small guy - A wyrd with minor powers.
Stay tuned! This won't be the last thing you've seen from my work...