Friday, 31 October 2014

INQ28 - Look into the Past (part 2)

Previously on Look into the Past...

-- A fight with light --

>> The dark past of Wernher von Kraut! Desolate times and a weird obsession.

"Alright you soulless metal monsters, prepare to eat Imperial Plasma death! Fire 'em up boys!
It's about to get hot!" 

- Wernher von Kraut
(Thanks to euansmith for that quote!)


Now. Part two...

-- Death of an Inquisitor --

>> It's easy to confuse genius and insanity, a little push and there's no turning back. Even the greatest heroes of mankind fall, when that line is finally crossed. "They shall all burn", Dante whispered. His followers didn't know what he meant, they couldn't and Dante knew neither. The shadow that constantly slipped on the edge of his gaze, claimed his whole attention. "Burn them all", He said - and so did Dante.

Inquisitor Dante is losing his mind.
Nathan and Ambras are trying to stop him.

>> Insubordination. A serious offense against imperial law - punished with death or worse. But when things went wrong and Dante started to slaughter his own men, Nathan and Ambras had no choice and tried to stop him. 

"They shall all burn!"
"No, you unclean spirit! Tell me your name, demon... I will cast you out! Where is Dante?"
"In here. With us. Fool, you're going to die!"
"Wrong! You will die here, heretic!"

>> It was Ambras who took him down - With an elegant move he cut Dante's knee and drove his sword deep into the back of the screaming inquisitor - But Nathan delivered the crucial blow. Without a word he stepped in front of Dante, silently praying for the soul of his lost master. He kept his laser pistol ready and when he was close enough to see the twisted eyes of the mad inquisitor, he shot him in the face with no further warning, finaly ending his rampage...

... to be continued!