Saturday, 3 January 2015

INQ28 - Der Krampus

-- The story so far --

As you might know euansmith suggested that I should make a Krampus sidekick to accompany the fallen Inquisitor Coenrad E. Waltz on his rounds...

According to old german narratives around the figure, the Krampus punishes children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved, in contrast with the Nicholas who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. I like this concept very much and decided to create my own version of the Krampus.

-- Niglobartl, the Krampus --

It took me some time to find the right miniature. The search on eBay brought some useful Ungors, but even if they could find a use as henchmen in the retinue of Waltz later, as Krampus probably not. On a foray through my local GW I discovered the "Great Bray Shaman" and after one of my cultists was kind enough to donate his hands and weapons, Niglobartl was geared up.

Here are the first WIPs:

Niglobartl, the Krampus (Scavvy, 25cr)

>> M 6 - WS 3 - BS 2 - S 3 - T 3 - W 1 - I 3 - A 1 - LD 6 <<

  • Weapons: Autopistol (15cr), Stub Gun (10cr) with Dum-dum Bullets (5cr), Knife (free)
  • Mutations: Long Legs (+2 Movemnet, 15cr)
  • Total: 70cr

My plan is to deploy him as a close combat fighter in the retinue of Coenrad E. Waltz, which I arranged by following the NCE and OCE rules (Scavvies) by Anthony Case. He got an Autopistol and a knife as main weapons and for emergency situations (out of ammo) a Stub gun, so he doesn't lose the extra attack in a brawl.

Waltz and Niglobartl on a raid.
Niglobartl leading the way!
The Krampus and MR. BIG.

What do you think? Thanks for looking!