Wednesday, 14 January 2015

INQ28 - Look into the Past (part 3)

Previously on Look into the Past...

-- Death of an Inquisitor -- 

>> When Inquisitor Dante lost his mind!

Now. Part three...

-- Lawmakers & Rule Breakers! --

>> Malvo was born during a Purge in the Underhive. He never knew his parents since they were brutaly killed in that night. His father was among those men who took a bullet in the head and minutes after Malvo's birth his mother bleeded to death because none of the attackers was willing to help. Murphy - a powerfull Orlock leader - showed mercy, spared the life of the newborn and brought him to a shelter, where Malvo should grew up as an orphan.

>> Malvo killed his first man when he was 12 years old. He had killed before when he ended the lifes of several rats and giant spiders for pleasure and slew another orphan in a fight for food. With 13 he took the head of a guilder.

>> A few years later Malvo had earned his reputation as Hired Gun and became a skilled Infiltrator who used his victims as camouflage and their body parts as decoy. He brought fear and terror into the Underhive while becoming a mad man and hunting down Orlocks...

>> Before he disappeared he went on a rampage and finally crushed the face of the enemy he hated the most. Murphy, the only man he rememberd from his childhood...

... to be continued!

-- Outro --

YakTribe Competition V is up and running! The theme is that everyone is either on one side of the law or the other:

"No matter where you go in a Hive City, an Empire City or Mektown you're going to run into someone who wants to - Poison you to raise your corpse, Hunt you down, Eat you, Beat you half to death with batons, Smite your accursed soul, Vaporise you or all of the above."

I decided to go with the other...


Thanks for reading!