Tuesday, 10 February 2015

NECROMUNDA - House Van Saar (part 1)

-- Shooting Stars --

"House Van Saar is renowned for the quality of its technical products. Its technology is no more advanced than that of anyone else, progress being almost non-existing throughout the Imperium, but the House's manufacturing processes are precise and its finished materials are of the highest quality..."

- Necromunda. The Houses of Hive Primus.


The start of a new project! A House Van Saar gang I've found on eBay. I don't think they have seen much daylight in the past few years. Some of them even have goblin green bases...

The Boss - I like the model, not much to say (and see) here.

Van Saar Gangers are pretty cool, these two are my favourites. But I need to get the old color down.

More Gangers...
The kids aren't alright and why do they have to look so fearful and demotivated? Some decolor and conversion work is necessary. A knife is missing, but I think it can be easily repaired.

The Heavy comes with the wrong gun and I have no idea where it's from. Maybe someone knows and can help? Luckily I own the model already (see below). So I think I'm going to convert this one.

My second Heavy.

What's next? I guess the first thing to do is getting rid of the old color, then rebasing and some weapon, maybe head swaps.

Excuse me, I got work to do...