Wednesday, 25 March 2015

NECROMUNDA - The Problems of the Future, Today! (part 1)

-- More Loot! --

- "Fette Beute!"

My list of unfinished projects is growing. But there are offers you can't resist...

First, this old Space Marine Scout was just too cool to not make him part of my Delta Squad. Although the paint job is decent, I will discolor him and give him a new base.

Mail from Hamburg - House Cawdor. I've always wanted a team of mad (anti-) heroes who are willing to take the law into their own hands...

The film "Super" should give you an idea of what I intend to do with them (after the old color is gone, of course).

Street justice and more weapons included.

Next. A crazy priest who is wandering through the Ash Wastes... The Chainsword is from a newer Space Marine Scout (since the orginal arm was missing).

A Demon Host of Nurgle...

... and finally more bits and more Scavvies for the retinue of Coenrad Waltz!



Thanks for looking!