Friday, 1 May 2015

INQ28 - A House of Cards (part 1)

>> The Seventh Official Yaktribe Competition is finally upon us. The Criteria this time - chosen by me! Since I won the last Competition with "Stingray", it was up to me to pick the next theme. It is...


-- A House of Cards --

Build a group with at least two members of a Noble House, Brats, Servants or a Lord for Necromunda... A Made Ork, who earned his place on the hulk for Gorkamorka... or an equivalent for Mordheim - Mayor, Knight!

Lord Helmawr - Source: lexicanum.
White Dwarf 130 (UK) page 13.

Plainly speaking people from The Spire or Royalty, members of a Noble House - a Lord or Lady and his / her servant or counselor. An aristocratic Hunting Party, a Trader or a Guilder and his retinue. Someone powerful. Something we normally don't see in our games but wish our leaders might become...


I decided to start an aristocratic Hunting Party. Speaking of which, here are the first WIPs.

The Huntress - a Lady and her maidservant.

The Hunters - noble men looking for some amusement.

A Lord - Sir Sean Connery would be perfect for this role.

The Counselor - enjoying his treatment in "Brennspiritus" at the moment...


-- Lord Quatermain --

While the counselor taking his bath, I spent some time with the lord...

That's it for now. Keep an eye for the next update!