Saturday, 30 September 2017

BOLT ACTION - Operation Sea Lion (part 1)


  • This is a true story.
  • The events depicted in this battle report took place in Kent, South East England in 1940. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the many fallen miniatures and my opponent, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.
  • The photos in this report were made under difficult conditions, but with the best intentions, to allow you, dear reader, a better impression of the events, not to present the models (and not that my photos would be better under other conditions).
  • The gaming table and the terrain was built, painted and provided by alabastero. He also took command of the Germans. 

Somewhere in Kent, South East England, sometime in September 1940 

Luftwaffe reconnaissance planes have pinpointed a British HQ responsible for coordinating beach defences. During his daily patrol a broadcast truck suffered a breakdown and had to stop in a small field near the road, sitting there like a duck. The German objective is to destroy this strategic target ahead of the main landings using Hohlladungswaffen charges. The British have to stop them at all costs.

Brigadier S. Whower deploys a mixed unit of Auxiliaries near the truck to protect it. Knowing that they will come under heavy fire by the Germans. A unit of Local Defenders is on a patrol nearby and a light mortar takes his position near the farm.

SIS agent Nelson is hiding in the western forest supported by Lord Boltac, his trusted hunting rifle and his hound. Both observe the advance of the Local Defenders with concern.

Turn 1

The Germans storm the shore line and take cover behind a forest. A unit Brandenburger approaches from the west to support them and the Sturmboote provide suppressive fire. The Auxiliaries are forced to go down due to heavy fire from MMGs and a light mortar. But Lord Boltac manages to shoot the enemy sniper as soon as the German gets of his boat.

Turn 2

The Local Defenders advance and kill a German with shotgun fire, but are wiped out in return. The British light mortar hits his German counterpart in retalation and kills one man. More MMG fire is forcing the Auxiliaries to go down again. Lord Boltac takes a shot on an enemy NCO, but can not bring him down. A unit of SIS agents and a Civilian car with MMG arrive right in time to bring the fight back to the Germans.

Turn 3

A German Heer unit panics as they fail their command check and run, but the wounded Heer mortar changes his position and fires on the Auxiliaries. The mortar shell kills one man and more MMG and rifle fire force the Auxiliaries to go down once more. They are now at six pins and in trouble.

The Civilian car tries to shot on the Sturmboote, fails to do any damage and comes under fire from the Germans. The SIS agents are more lucky on their advance and kill three Brandenburger with smg fire.

Turn 4

The Germans rush forward to the objective and more casualties and pins are dealt to the Auxiliaries. They hold on, but things aren't looking good for them. Then the British mortar takes aim on a Heer unit, hits and four men die in the explosion. The last survivor of the unit runs away from it, just as things become to get interesting.

Turn 5

The Auxiliaries are down to five men and nine pins. One more hit and they are done! An order die is drawn from the bag, then the German lieutenant shouts his orders and the two remaining Heer units snap to action! First unit charges the British lieutenant and takes him out, second unit advances and fires on the Auxiliaries. One man is wounded and the British unit retreats. The objective is now controlled by the Germans. Even worse for the British, the Heer unit next to the truck is armed with Hohllandungswaffen!

SIS agents engage and kill all the men of the German unit next to the truck. The Civilian car moves and shoots on the other unit, but they keep fighting! End of Turn 5. The Objective is contested by both sides. A die is rolled and demands one final turn.

Turn 6.

The SIS agents charge the last Heer unit. This time they fail. Four agents get into close combat, kill one German, but lose three men in return, forcing the last man to surrender. The Civilian car fires and kills the German Heer unit. Then two Brandenburger try to get to the objective. Lord Boltac proves his shooting skills once again and puts a bullet into one of them.

The last Brandenburger is engaged by agent Nelson. With no ammo left, the two fight each other in a fist fight and eventually Nelson is defeated. With the surviving Brandenburger and the Civilian car next to the truck, the objective is still contested and the fighting ends. For now.

Neither of the two armies could fulfill the objective and both sides withdraw.

However, the German side was able to inflict more damage to the British. So it's still a minor victory for them, I guess.

The End?

  • I hope you enjoyed reading. If you want to read more I strongly recommend the Blog of Matt Crump. There are a lots of battle reports regarding Operation Sea Lion there!
  • Stay tuned!